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Projects / Brooklyn Borough Hall

Project:                      Exterior rehabilitation of Brooklyn Borough Hall

Location:                    209 Joralemon St. Brooklyn New York

Owner:                       Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

                                 City of New York.

General Contractor:     ZHN Contracting Corp. – 30 Meadow Street Brooklyn New York 11206.


Preparation of sub-roofing – Installation of Nelson studs and pressure treated

Wood sleepers.  Pull test  on welded Nelson studs is in progress.

Sub-roofing details – layout for new sleepers,  newly installed sleepers,

Insulation, tongue and groove plywood.

Construction of crickets for drainage basins – Carpentry Work

Installation of Aluminum Skylights in progress at Brooklyn Borough Hall.


Application of sealant and Aluminum cap trim at skylights.

Installation of Rafters (Structural components) of skylights.

Application of liquid applied roofing (Triflex) on newly constructed roof deck.

Installation of wood battens, waterproofing of battens, and preparation of

New batten seam copper roof.

Preparation and installation of starter cleats for batten seam copper roof.

Installation of batten seam copper roof in progress.

Installation of decorative caste-in-place window brackets.  An existing

Deteriorated window bracket is also visible. New bracket is matched with the


Replacement of damaged / broken marble stone (Dutchman) – Exterior

Rehabilitation of the building.


Installation of new stucco ceiling with wire lathe and support system

Finish coat of 3-coat stucco in progress.