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Taking construction to a higher level…

To ensure the finest project control, responsiveness, and client satisfaction, ZHN follows a long-established Quality Management System (QMS) incorporating the key processes of:

Data Analysis

Management Review

Internal Auditing

Preventive/Corrective Action

Continual Improvement

Through QMS, we’re able to ensure a complete understanding of each individual client’s needs. The system also enables our project team to effectively manage all on-going improvements, and adapt to evolving situations. This is achieved through a Core Plan that designates responsibility for each key process, and provides for strict monitoring. Equally important, QMS allows us to assure total compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.

Our dedication to QMS is a major reason why, for so many years, ZHN has been taking construction quality and corporate performance to increasingly-higher levels. Performance excellence has enabled ZHN to rise to the top in the construction field.